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Tomorrow Loans is a company led by a team of experienced professionals offering a cost effective Inheritance Tax solution.

Inheritance Tax (IHT), once the problem of only the very wealthy, now captures many more people, often those who have worked hard and saved all their lives. IHT is charged on the transfer of value to others. It is a tax most of us come across when someone dies and passes on their assets on death.

Inheritance Tax is currently charged at 40% for assets above IHT threshold of £325,000 (also known as nil rate band) for single person and £650,000 threshold for a married couple or civil partnership. The recent introduction of the main residence nil-rate band means that in 2019/20, an additional £150,000 of the value of the main residence may be passed on to direct descendants IHT free. The nil rate band has failed to keep pace with inflation and is expected to remain at the same level until 2021. More and more estates are likely to be charged IHT.

Inheritance Tax liability can be reduced or potentially eliminated with some simple and careful planning.

Tomorrow Loans offers a simple, cost effective solution for reducing the tax liability on assets passed after your death, enabling you to make Business Relief (BR) qualifying investments. Business Relief, previously know as Business Property Relief, is a tax relief introduced as a part of the 1976 Finance Act. Initially aimed at reducing the tax liability paid by small business passed on to future generations, today BR is an efficient way of reducing IHT liability by owning shares in a BR-qualifying business. Shares owned for at least two years at the time of death can be passed to your loved ones free from Inheritance Tax.

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We strongly recommend that you consult your own professional adviser before making any investment decisions. The benefit of tax relief depends on the personal circumstances of the investor, circumstances of the company and future changes in tax rules and regulations. Before making a decision to invest, please ensure you read the Information Memorandum in full, paying particular attention to the section Risk Factors.

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