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Tomorrow Loans is a company led by a team of experienced, award winning professionals whose aim is to preserve and maximise the wealth of our clients.

We adhere to strict investment criteria and aim to make an impact with our investments, supporting smaller UK companies and renewable energy contractors.

Tomorrow Loans offers a simple, cost effective solution for reducing the tax liability on assets passed after your death, enabling you to make Business Relief (BR) qualifying investments. Tomorrow Loans has an easy online application form to make the process as effortless and efficient as possible.

Our Team

Chris Cauvain IMC

For the last twelve years Chris has focused on the property and alternative lending sectors working with many funds, bonds and loan notes both in UK and Europe. Prior to this he spent over eighteen years in the financial services sector with major life assurance and investment companies including Scottish Life, Scottish Mutual and Santander. Chris is Managing Director of CX Wealth Ltd and Chief Executive Officer of Float Capital Ltd; both are specialist commercial lenders with aggregate loan books in excess of £25m lending to UK businesses in a variety of sectors including payroll lending, hotels and leisure, clean energy and UK residential developments.

Alan Bate BSc DipPropInv FRICS

Before jointly founding Real Estate Associates in 2002 where he remains a director, Alan joined Royal & SunAlliance Property Investments from private practice at J P Sturge & Sons and Richard Ellis. After managing a 1m sq ft development programme, in 1994 he moved to Toronto for Royal & SunAlliance to run their Canadian property subsidiary. Returning to the UK he managed a £400m structured finance disposal for Royal & SunAlliance and was appointed Director in 1999, responsible for fund management of pension, unitised and general funds, and property management of the entire £2.5bn portfolio. He was a member of the British Property Federation‘s Policy Committee from 1999 to 2002, and from 2002 to 2008 a member of the Advisory Board for the College of Estate Management‘s RICS Postgraduate Programme in Property Investment. He is a Chartered Surveyor and a member of the Investment Property Forum.

Laurence Boyle

Laurence is Chief Investment Officer at MAIA Asset Management Ltd where he heads the asset allocation team, chairs the research team and co-manages the portfolios, drawing on over 30 years fund management experience. He ran multi-manager funds for Williams de Broe and latterly Investec where, over the years, he received numerous Gold S&P awards for management and performance, as well as ranking in the top 100 European fund managers by Citywire. Laurence chairs our investment committee whose role is to consider and approve all prospective new acquisitions and loans to be made by Tomorrow Loans plc and its subsidiaries.

William Cunningham

Bill has worked in the venture capital sector since 1999, gaining skills especially relevant to our consideration of new business opportunities. He is co-founder and CEO of Endeavour Ventures Ltd which has raised over £125m for growth companies, the majority of which has been raised by Bill. In 2008, he undertook a management buy-in of a fully listed UK plc, taking the company private and which now successfully trades as Numecent Holdings Ltd. He holds non-executive board positions with Gazeal Ltd, Arquebus Ltd, The Grays Group Ltd, Lumejet Ltd, R5FX Ltd, and Omeira Studio Partners Ltd.

Ian Dowson

Ian is a Chartered Accountant with a broad background in property investment, management and development. At Royal & Sun Alliance Property Investments Ltd his responsibilities spanned finance, personnel, insurance, IT, management of group-occupied property, property operations and European property investment, culminating in his appointment as Managing Director in 1999 when he introduced a culture focused on achieving superior investment performance. His prior employment includes John Laing Construction plc, Laing Properties plc and The London Underwriting Centre Ltd. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.

Ian acts as our finance director and company secretary. With Alan Bate he is a founding director and shareholder of Real Estate Associates (GP) plc which provides administrative services to Tomorrow Loans Plc and its subsidiaries.


Inheritance Tax is a tax levied on the estate that a person leaves behind when they die. In some circumstances IHT becomes payable earlier - for example, if you put assets into certain types of Trust.
Inheritance Tax is currently charged at 40% for assets above IHT threshold of £325,000 (also known as nil rate band) for single person and £650,000 threshold for a married couple or civil partnership. The 40% rate is reduced to 36% if you leave at least 10% of the net assets to UK or certain EU registered charities.
The residence nil-rate band is an additional inheritance tax allowance introduced in 2015. This allowance applies to the main residence of people who die after 6 April 2017. To qualify for this allowance you must leave your residence to your direct descendants.
Business Relief, previously know as Business Property Relief, is a tax relief introduced as a part of the 1976 Finance Act. Initially aimed at reducing the tax liability for small businesses it allowed the passing down of business assets to the next generations without facing a heavy inheritance tax bill. Today BR is an efficient way of reducing IHT liability by owning shares in a BR-qualifying business.
Our business overheads are paid from the Company‘s finances and we do not need to burden investors with additional charges.
You must be over 18 but there is no upper age limit. There is a minimum investment amount. Please check Information the Information Memorandum for further details.
Please note that there is no guarantee; the return is subject to the business making sufficient profits.
Yes; after the second anniversary of your investment you can withdraw some or all of your funds by serving a Redemption Notice. Redemptions do not incur a penalty but are subject to a six month notice period and are subject to the Company having available liquidity and distributable reserves. Please remember, you may lose eligibility to Business Relief if you encash your shares and inheritance tax at 40% may then apply to the amount withdrawn.
Whilst we can accept applications directly from certain groups of investors without the involvement of an adviser, we recommend that all investors seek advice before investing.
You are buying preference shares in a company. Owning shares in a non listed trading business should not be included in means testing for care. Should a local authority be inviting this is included, please let us know and we will be happy to assist in explaining the structure of the investment to them.

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Important Information:

We strongly recommend that you consult your own professional adviser before making any investment decisions. The benefit of tax relief depends on the personal circumstances of the investor, circumstances of the company and future changes in tax rules and regulations. Before making a decision to invest, please ensure you read the Information Memorandum in full, paying particular attention to the section Risk Factors.

You could lose all of your money invested in this product.
This is a high-risk investment and is much riskier than a savings account